DELICATESSEN ESTRELLA - The Home of Fantastic Food and Great Service
Our Favourite Suppliers
Brindisa - Fabulous foods from Spain  
Neals Yard Dairy - Artisan British and continental cheeses at the peak of their quality
Peregrine Trading - Wonderful Italian products
Villanova - High quality Italian meats and salami
Delicioso - An excellent range of Spanish meats and the best boquerones
Olives et al - They really know olives!
Gustosecco - Fabulous store cupboard life savers
Ethical Addictions - Wonderful coffees from small scale growers and cooperatives 
Monkshood Coffee - Fantastic range of coffees sourced direct from growers
Morris of Hoggeston - Fabulous Gloucester Old Spot pork
Oving Dexter Beef - Wonderful flavoured beef
Terry's of Swanbourne - A great local butcher and game supplier
Granborough Lamb - Really fantastic flavoured lamb
Birds and Bees - Award winning honey from Sue and her bees
Foxdenton Estate - Wonderful gin and fruit gin and they are local
Frithsden Vineyard - An English vineyard in this tiny village in Hertfordshire
Moreno Wines - Great selection of Spanish wines and Sherries
Winslow Farmers Market
Delicatessen Estrella is proud to support the Winslow Farmers Market, which is held in the Market Square on the first Sunday of every month, between 10am and 2pm.
We always love to stock local products and you will find many of the farmers market suppliers available at Estrella.
We would like to say a big thank you to John Ward and Lisa Wright for their photographic experience, equipment and time.
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